Who Am I: 

I come alongside women physicians with a belief in the immense potential that God has placed within them and a commitment to encourage and support them as they discover and act on new possibilities for their lives. As a trained professional coach, I use keen listening and powerful questions to work with clients to help them clarify goals, discover strengths, eliminate barriers to growth, and design and follow through with practical steps to reach their dreams. Having traveled through many struggles common to women physicians myself, I am passionate about providing the support and encouragement they need to move from just surviving to truly thriving. I am convinced coaching is one of the most powerful ways to impact others toward living the focused, energized and missional life of calling they were designed for. Do you long to experience new motivation, accelerated progress toward your goals and fresh joy as you care for others and yourself? I would love to explore the possibilities with you. Contact me to schedule an exploratory phone session.


My mission is to help women physicians tap in to and live out the very best that God has put into them.