Work-Life Balance

Most of us women physicians are great at powering through all types of challenges and trying to do it all. That is, until our lives tip out of balance and we find ourselves stressed out, burned out and face to face with our limitations. Contrary to popular belief, work-life balance is not about giving equal attention to all parts of life, but rather, giving the proper attention to each area based on our core values. Stress results when there is a gap between how we are living day to day and how we would be living if our core values were truly guiding our decisions and actions. Coaching creates the opportunity to envision what a life lived in alignment with our core values could look like, to examine what blocks us from living this way and to shift our thinking and beliefs so we start making decisions and choosing actions that will move us toward this ideal life. A coach provides the support and encouragement needed to make some of the tough decisions required to cut out what matters less in order to focus more on what matters most to us. As we learn to accept our limitations and begin to align our daily lives more closely with what we truly value, rather than trying to prove we can do it all, we will find renewed energy, joy and meaning in both our being and our doing.