My mission is to help women physicians tap in to and live out the very best that God has put into them.

As a certified Physician Life and Leadership Coach, I help overloaded women physicians beat burnout and reengage joy as they discover and align with their passions, strengths and power to choose what matters. Physician burnout is increasing at alarming rates, bringing to sharp focus the need for personal and organizational changes. I am convinced coaching is one of the most powerful ways to help physicians make the courageous choices needed to take back their lives and practice in a way that brings meaning and joy. As a woman physician myself, I am passionate about providing the support and encouragement my colleagues need to move beyond surviving to truly thriving. As my clients begin to live intentionally and align with their unique, God-given design and core values, they experience increased focus, energy, a deeper sense of purpose and improved relationships. I coach around a broad spectrum of topics, including professional and personal growth, work-life balance and leadership and communication skills. Rather than give advice, I use keen listening and powerful questions to help clients clarify what they want, discover strengths, eliminate barriers, and design personalized actions to reach their goals and dreams. Partnering with clients in this way provides supportive, learning-based accountability so that new ideas and actions bring personal transformation and lead to desired outcomes.

If you desire change, want to navigate a transition well, or are experiencing burnout I would love to meet you! Change, transition and stress are hard and not meant to be shouldered alone. Email or message me here to schedule a no-obligation phone call. I’d love to hear your story and answer any questions you have about coaching. It’s quite likely you’ll discover fresh hope for what is possible!



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